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力になる 私たちの国の食品産業の変化の。

アメリカ中のママ作る 健康的な選択はそれほど難しいことではありません。

Raising a family isn't easy, and in a modern world full of toxins, GMOs, and pollution, making healthy choices can be challenging. At MAA, we’re working to spread knowledge about toxic exposure to create healthy communities and improve our nation’s health and freedoms.


What happens is like a domino effect. When more people know better, they make better choices with their dollars, and when more people change their purchasing habits, the industry will be compelled to change its ways. Millions of moms living in the U.S. combined have $2.4 trillion in purchasing power.


There are 43.5 million moms living in the U.S. who have $2.4 trillion in purchasing power!


Why? Because moms buy 85% of the food! If we don't believe it, corporations can't sell it. It's up to us to change the industry.


With momentum on our side, MAA will continue to educate, motivate, and collaborate with like-minded people. Our collective vision, influence, and buying power will come together to change the industry in America...and around the world.


When you support MAA, you take part in the collective purchasing power of many like-minded moms working to create a healthy future for our nation.



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